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About Hilda | Professional Organizer 

Hilda Montejano Professional Organizer


Hilda’s love and interest for organizing stemmed in finding order in her own life as a young adult.  Hilda believed being organized was therapeutic and gave her a sense of clarity.   She wanted to share her new found pursuit of organization with friends and family.  She soon realized the need organization played in the lives of all people.  People basically want to get organized, but many times do not know where to begin.  Many cannot envision what the end result can look like.  Helping people resolve organizational issues gave her a great sense of gratification and accomplishment.  As a result, she recognized that helping people to become organized was her purpose in life.    


Hilda Montejano holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Texas A&M at  Kingsville.  Hilda spent 13 years in corporate functions, including accounting, office management, insurance claims and sales before becoming a Professional Organizer. Hilda gained valuable product knowledge while employed at The Container Store.  She also worked with two prominent professional organizers attaining extensive experience and two different perspectives.   Hilda has been helping individuals get organized since 2005. Hilda is currently a member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).   


Her business experience and her passion to create order have lead to this profession.  Hilda believes anyone can learn to become organized with simple solutions, motivation and guidance.   Hilda continues to inspire many individuals to become organized offering invaluable tips, suggestions and sharing her vision and passion for the job she truly enjoys.  “I am happy to have found a career that I truly love to do,” she states.