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Closets Organization

Use wood hangers or sturdy plastic hangers to hang clothes. These hangers help maintain the shape of your clothes. Select a hanger collection preferably the same color or at least use coordinating hangers. By doing this, you will give your closet an instant make over. Designate a place for empty hangers and take some to laundry room.

Hang similar clothing together, such as all pants in one area and all shirts together in another. You can further group each section of your clothing by season, style (dress or casual) and color making it simple to view your wardrobe options.
Make your closet a room you enjoy organizing. Choose a theme for your closet and use attractive storage boxes or bins.

Add a drawer unit in your closet for folded clothes if you have space. Use drawer organizers for undergarments. Organize your drawers in the order that you get dressed.

Purge what you do not need anytime you purchase something new to wear. In doing this, you will prevent from over crowding your closet. Twice a year pull out all the clothes you have not worn in a year.

Overcome Procrastination

Sometimes we procrastinate when we envision a project as being too overwhelming and time consuming. As a result, we never get to it. First, be positive and stay focused. Tell yourself “This is an easy project and I can do it”. Schedule time each day for the length of time you think it will take to complete the project and write it on your calendar. Begin by breaking down your project into small tasks first. You can either tackle the task in terms of time or physical space. Set up a time or physical space goal indicating start to finish and stick to your plan. Sometimes, if you spend too much time on a particular project, you may get discouraged to continue on the next task.

Organizing for a Healthier Lifestyle

Your health benefits as a whole from being organized. Manage your time effectively and make health and fitness a priority.
• Assess your health and make the decision to be healthy
• Establish reasonable goals and write them down
• Educate yourself on health and nutrition or consult a nutritionist
• Consume foods and liquids the body needs to achieve good health
• Schedule time to exercise regularly
• Get plenty of rest and fresh air
• Maintain a positive attitude and have fun
• Keep accurate medical records to assist professionals who care for your health

Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Begin

Get help from a professional organizer when you can not tackle a project on your own.

A professional organizer can help you get started and guide you through challenging projects with strategies that simplify the organizing process.

Professional organizers will assess the current situation and create a system to accommodate your goals and needs.

 Ultimately a professional organizer can create an environment that will enable you to streamline your busy life.