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Organizing Tips

Eliminate Chaos

Designate a place for everything in your home. If you take something out, put it back where you found it.   

Store items where you need them.   
Start a Morning Routine  

• Create a peaceful retreat by making your bed first thing when you rise.

• Put pajamas away in a drawer or if need washing in a hamper.

• Keep paper towels under sink to wipe down bathroom counter and mirror before you leave home.

Start a Bedtime Routine

• Select and lay clothes out for the next day use.

• Check calendar for tomorrow’s appointments. Then work on daily To-Do list.

• Utilize a bin/box or shelf for items needed when you leave home. I like to call my bin a launch pad. Locate your launch pad near exit door.

• Take 15 minutes before you go to bed to put things away.


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