Professional Organizer Houston
          Organize Your Space and Organize Your Life

  Professional Organizer Houston

Do your personal possessions rob you of space, time and energy? If so, then you need a professional organizer!

Professional Organizer Houston was developed and started to help people of all walks of life achieve a sense of order and simplicity in their lives.  Hilda has been helping individuals get organized since 2005.  She specializes in residential organization assisting and helping clients to maximize space, to help reduce unnecessary clutter and to create visual and aesthetic appeal.  Hilda’s creative thinking, professional organizational skills and positive attitude will not only inspire clients but help you in fulfilling your own organizational goals.

As a professional organizer, Hilda will assist in cleaning and put your belongings in their proper place as part of the organizing process. But most important, Hilda will design customized systems that will enhance your current lifestyle and enable you to better function in your personal space.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer

To alleviate stress and gain control of your personal surroundings
To help optimize your space and reclaim areas in your home
To designate a place for your belongings in order to find what you need, when you need it
To accomplish more in your day with minimal time and effort
To make your home more inviting and comfortable for you and for others

To get started, call for a complimentary personalized one-on-one consultation.

Organizing Services

  • General de-cluttering 

  • Home Organization: closets, kitchen, bathrooms, pantries, home offices, garages, etc

  • Collections: Memorabilia, photos, recipes, etc.

  • Holiday Storage

  • Relocations: before the move purging, after the move unpacking, shelf lining

  • Home Staging: removing clutter to create a great first impression and sense of space

  • Personal Assistant: administrative work, pay bills, run errands, shopping, etc.

  • Maintenance Program: staying organized after the job completion based on need

Clutter Free Home

To get started, call for a complimentary personalized one-on-one consultation. Start Organizing